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Youth Forum



Union of Rural Youth invited to participate in the project "Youth in public and social life" and the plenary session, which will be held in the IV Central Youth Forum. 
Theme of the project and actions taken thereunder shall apply to European youth policy and the European Youth Pact. The project will be debated in a workshop the following issues: 
• a review of sectoral policies on youth, 
• ways of participation of young, 
• institutional youth participation at local, regional, national and European level. 
The project consists of two parts, namely a workshop to be held in Zakopane, and the plenary session, which is a summary of the workshop, which will take place in Kielce in the International Trade Fair Agrotech 2010. In Part I - the workshop, each of the foreign partners will present a formula for the functioning of national youth councils, their tasks, role play in the promotion of youth policy in their countries. We assume that after each presentation will be discussion on the formal aspects of youth participation at local, regional and national levels. During the workshop part of planning a meeting with local authorities Podhale, in order to present the activities for the participation of local young people in the life of local communities. 

II. part of the project involves organizing a plenary session, which is preceded by a meeting with the authorities Świętokrzyskie. Plenary Session will be a form of summary and evaluation of the project. We plan that in the plenary session will be attended by representatives of state authorities, representatives of NGOs, representatives of local government. An important element of the plenary session will be to create a document that contains a recommendation for national and local authorities on how effectively the young and the young and modern to create a coherent youth policy based on local, regional and national representation of youth. 

The project will be discussed tasks of youth councils in the area: 
• non-formal education of young people - partner of moderator-Denmark 
• Development and promotion of young entrepreneurship - partner of moderator-Germany 
• Cooperation with local authorities, young people - a partner moderator - Lithuania 
• The organization of youth as a form of participation of young people with fewer opportunities - Moderator Partner - Poland 
• encourage young people to mobility by removing obstacles for trainees and volunteers - Moderator Partner - Hungary 
Partners agreed that each partner organization will be represented by 5 representatives of Poland during the Forum will represent 40 people. In total, the project will be attended by 60 people.



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2. Accommodation


Zakopane, 08-10 March 2010


Pension "Pod Giewontem" 

Tel. +48 18 200 13 13 
      +48 18 200 13 14
Fax +48 18 20 62 884
      +48 18 20 62 885


GPS coordinates:
N 49°28'39.90 
E 19°92'44.69

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Kielce, 10-13 marzec 2010


Hotel Gromada
Cedzyna, near Kielce

25-900 Kielce 
tel. +48 (41) 302 21 11 
fax. +48 (41) 368 24 99


The hotel is located 7 km from the center of Kielce,
near national road No. 74 Kielce - Lublin.


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